CFNU Ebola Information – Safety is Not Negotiable

A large portion of the world has now entered a phase of emergency preparedness planning for possible outbreaks of Ebola virus disease (EVD) as the virus has spread to North America and Europe. While standards may vary, the knowledge and understanding of the spread of disease are raising the minimum standards for acceptable risk.  It… (read more)

Call for Nominations for QEH Local

The positions of President and Secretary are available within the QEH Local of PEINU. Nomination forms can be found under the “Members Only” section of this website (“Nomination for Election Form – 2014″), or from the Nominations Committee. Members of the Nominations Committee are Tara Ferguson ( and Zellah Johnston ( The deadline for nominations… (read more)

Betty MacFadyen Award Nomination Deadline


In 2005, PEINU presented the first recognition award to a member for their contribution to the Union. This award is now presented annually to a member who has been recognized as a champion of nursing issues through their involvement in the Union. Nominations and submissions for this award are now being accepted until November 3,… (read more)

PEINU Bursary Winners

Over 40 applications for the PEINU Bursaries were received and over half of these were first-time applicants. The number of bursary applicants has been growing each year which is great to see. Congratulations to the following recipients: Ellen Stetson, Tanya Matthews, Kristina Weatherbie, Gerrilynn Henderson, Denise Morrell, Victoria MacInnis, Sandra Lund, Heather Mills, Jennifer Spears, Lindsey Smith, Darlene Scheuermann,… (read more)