Happy Labour Day from PEINU

Labour Day Ad 2014-2

As union activists, we know struggles are ongoing and past victories are no excuse to become complacent. It is more important than ever that Canadians understand the need for a strong labour movement and protection of workers’ rights. Registered Nurses are part of the labour movement, to ensure that our patients get the care they… (read more)

“Wear White” Photo Challenge!

Michelle Young & Cheryl Cahill

PEINU is still encouraging all members to wear white in support of the Registered Nursing profession. We hope that you are wearing your white tops and black pants to work as often as possible! Between now and the end of August, PEINU will be giving away a Marks coupon for an RN or NP embroidered… (read more)

Council of the Federation Meeting Events: August 26th – 30th

2014 Premiers' Meeting Activities

The Council of the Federation was founded at a meeting in Charlottetown in 2003 and is an annual meeting at which Canadian Premiers come together to discuss issues of importance in the Confederation. The Council was established to promote provincial-territorial cooperation and closer ties between members, foster meaningful relations between governments based on respect for… (read more)

Professional Development Opportunity

The Tri-PD Committee, composed of the PEI Association of Social Workers, the PEI Counselling Association, and the Psychological Association of PEI are presenting a workshop on September 25th and 26th in Charlottetown. The topic of the workshop is Emotion Focused Family Therapy for eating disorders and other mental health issues. This is an excellent Professional Development Opportunity for… (read more)