What Does PEINU Do For You?

Atlantic Meeting-Jan 2014 - Copy








Meeting with Atlantic counterparts hosted by NLNU, January, 2014.  

The PEINU represents more than 1,150 Registered Nurses working in acute care, long term care, community care, mental health and addictions. Since 1974 we have negotiated, administrated and improved the Collective Agreement for the benefit of our workplaces and Prince Edward Island’s health care.

The Prince Edward Island Nurses’ Union is a strong, credible and respected voice for Registered Nurses and quality health care in our province. We are a member of the Canadian Federation of Nurses’ Unions (CFNU), and thereby affiliated with the Canadian Labor Congress (CLC).

  • The PEINU office is supported by two full-time staff, our Executive Director, and Office Assistant and a full-time Communications Officer.
  • Full time elected President.
  • The provincial Executive is comprised of a Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • There are 8 “locals” across the Island, each represented by a Local President at the provincial board table.
  • PEINU bargains for improved working conditions as requested by the members.
  • PEINU addresses labour relations issues both proactively and as they come up on a day to day basis. Any time a member is taken to task by the employer, the Union is there to ensure she or he is treated fairly and has a voice through any discipline process.
  • Any member that is disabled or who becomes disabled such that they cannot perform all or any of the duties of their nursing position, can use the collective agreement and the Union for support.
  • PEINU provides educational opportunities for members (example: Education fund).
  • Supports members in times of need.
  • Supports local charitable organizations.
  • Participates in joint committees (i.e. PSGIP, Pension, Professional Practice).
  • Maintains a working relationship with ARNPEI and other relevant healthcare organizations.
  • Communicates important news to the members.
  • PEINU provides positive public relations for nurses and health care issues. We lobby government and the employer and are a constant voice in government and the Minister’s ear on nursing issues.

Why a Union?

By joining together in a union, working women and men bring strength to relationships with their employers. Without a union, individual employees must accept pay, benefits and working conditions that an employer offers. Any term of your

It is because of unions that workers’ basic rights are met. Without unions there would no such thing as overtime pay, sick leave, or mandated safe working conditions. 

A union will take action on your behalf if you feel you are being treated unfairly. Your work conditions, benefits and wages that are negotiated into your Collective Agreement will be protected by law and your union will see to it that these conditions are enforced. 

It is important to remember that a union is not made up of provincial office staff, or the Board of Directors. A union is you and your co-workers. Union staff assists in day-to-day operations of the union, negotiations, filing of grievances and ensuring members’ needs are met.


PEINU promotes and protects the well-being of it’s members in their workplaces and their right to deliver high quality public health services with honour, respect and dignity.


PEINU promotes and advances its members’ well-being.