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PEI Nurses’ Union President, Mona O’Shea  and PEI Health Minister Robert Mitchell.

PEINU is committed to supporting nurses and health care of the highest quality. In doing so, we constantly monitor and speak out about workplace issues, government policies, national trends and more. We demand good government and challenge policy makers on shortsighted thinking. We also lobby the government and the employer on critical health issues, including protecting and enhancing our public health care system.

Long-term Care

PEINU and nurses’ unions across Canada are calling for change in long-term care. In a recently released report by the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions, researchers, advocates and front line workers explore the challenges and realities facing long-term care. Quite simply, the report reveals we have a long way to go in providing the care deserving of every Canadian. Together with government, the employer and other stakeholders, we are looking at ways to improve the situation in our long-term care facilities – to make it better for residents and health professionals.

Learn more: Read CFNU’s report Long-term care in Canada: Status quo no option

Action for Universal Pharmacare

Canada remains one of the few industrialized countries without a national drug plan. As a result, over eight million Canadians do not have insurance or are under-insured for prescription drugs. Universal Pharmacare will give all Canadians access to medication and lead to improved health outcomes. It will also control the growth of drug costs. The time for a universal Pharmacare plan is long overdue.

On September 13, the Canadian Health Coalition co-released a groundbreaking new report, The Economic Case for Universal Pharmacare. The report lays out the formula for a Pharmacare program that not only offers coverage to all Canadians, but could save up to $10.7 billion in annual spending. The report has garnered the endorsement of eminent doctors, economists, and researchers.

PEINU and nurses’ unions across Canada are supporting the efforts of the Canadian Health Coalition as they call on the Government of Canada to introduce universal Pharmacare.

Take Action: Visit to support the campaign.

The Guardian News Article – September, 2017: Unions mark PEI Labour Day by calling for National Drug Plan

Protecting Public Health Care

PEINU joins nurses across Canada and the Canadian Health Coalition in advocating for the sustainability of the Canadian health care system. Nurses, through their work on the front lines of health care, have first-hand knowledge of how to improve the effectiveness of our health system. We know that solutions to current challenges lie not in expanding private health care but in supporting innovation, applying technology, and increasing the number of health professionals. Research over the years has consistently shown that privatization and two-tier systems do not improve the quality of health service, outcomes or wait times. We believe that a publicly funded, not-for-profit health system is the most effective and ethical way to provide health care.

Learn more: visit and

Press Release – August, 2014: CFNU Canada Needs Pharmacare Program

Read The Sustainability of Medicare

Take action: Sign the Medicare pledge or join Nurses for Medicare

Nursing Shortage

A nursing shortage still remains throughout PEI, as well as across Canada. Over the course of the next year, advocating for employers and government to address this shortage and improve working conditions for members will remain a top priority for PEINU.

Learn more about the national nursing shortage and review nurses’ recommendations on how to address it.

CBC Article – June, 2017: Staff Shortages are making the job difficult


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